Thank YOU!

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Seriously, Thank YOU!

A special Thank’s to Hoagies Gifted for featuring me on their facebook page.

And a special thanks to all of YOU for sharing this with the world!

Because of YOU, over 2000 people from over 12 different countries have viewed and shared, “What is gifted?”!!!

I read the comments and reviews from my blog, to facebook and twitter.
Let me tell you, I have truly been humbled.

That post was not easy to write. It came from deep and I really went back and forth on how much information I should give. It’s not easy sharing your personal life with complete strangers but I know its necessary for change to happen.

That’s what this is ALL about.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read, for all of your support and all of your kind words.

It brought me much joy to know so many can relate.

Lets stop this “Tall Poppy Syndrome” together. Lets embrace each other and help make this world a better place.

Spread the word!
I challenge you to share this with everyone you know!
Tweet it! Share it on facebook and other social media!
Use hashtags, #giftedadvocacy

With much love,

Nicole Diatto

If you have a chance, please go on over to
“Hoagies Gifted” and like their “facebook page”
as a huge, THANK YOU!
and Thank YOU
for spreading the word and bringing help and awareness to the gifted community.


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