The Sacred and the Mundane

I guess this is the reason my mom always said cleanliness is godliness. My mom was our version of Martha Stewert. Very organized and clean. I always found it fascinating how my mom and I are polar opposites. I won’t lie, I use to wish (I still do wish) I had her organizational skills and her unending thirst for order. Thank you Paula for this fun read.

Your Rainforest Mind

Flickr Creative Commons Matt Mudd Flickr Creative Commons Matt Madd

Maybe you love solving complex problems. Or you adore philosophical discussions. Maybe you gaze longingly at the night sky. Or you get giddy when you see a fractal.

And then.

There’s laundry. Taxes. Legos under the sofa. Paperwork. Piles of styrofoam-that-you’ll-recycle-someday in the garage. Job stress. Homework. Peanut butter on the floor.

The sacred and the mundane.

You avoid. You procrastinate. You despair. All of those dull, repetitive, boring tasks. What you yearn for is the intellectual pursuit, the artistic creation or the ten day backpacking adventure in the forest.

Plus, you experience perfectionism.

And you have lots of sensitivities.

All contributing to your frustrations with the mundane tasks.

Man, oh man. This does not look good.

(Now some of you may have the personality traits that demand order and completion. You may deal better with the mundane. Even though you have the same long list of tasks, along with perfectionism and sensitivities. You have…

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