Raising A Kid Who’s Just Like You

Wonderful post by Paula Prober. Oh how I can relate all too well.

Your Rainforest Mind

Flickr, Creative Commons, Mikey-A-Tucker Flickr, Creative Commons, Mikey-A-Tucker

What do you do when you’re excruciatingly sensitive, severely intense, outrageously curious, and wildly imaginative and you’re raising a kid who is JUST LIKE YOU?

Do you– run away from home? Move to a state where marijuana is legal? Outsource your child to India? Create a reality TV show?


Are there other options?


First, understand that you and your child are like this because you have rainforest minds. In the research on giftedness, you’ll find these characteristics described. They’re called overexcitabilities (OE). Named by the Polish psychiatrist K. Dabrowski.

Then, learn how your overexcitabilities can be understood, celebrated, managed and lovingly contained when necessary. (like when you’re in the supermarket and you’d rather not start sobbing over the asparagus or when your child is at school and s/he would rather not start sobbing in front of the school bully)

Share what you learn with your child.

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