Helpful Resources

This directory is a list that I have put together when I was trying to find anything I could about gifted. The resources I provide have been very helpful.


** Gifted Homeschoolers Forum –  GHF works to support, educate & advocate for families regarding their choice of educational path for their gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) children around the world.

** Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page is a resource guide for the education of gifted children with links to many gifted education resources available on the Internet.

NSGT –  {National Society for the Gifted and Talented} The mission of NSGT is to advance the development of gifted, talented, and high potential youth, in the United States and abroad, through opportunities, advocacy, and exemplary programs and practices.

SENG –  The mission of SENG is to empower caring families and communities to influence more positively and effectively the development of giftedness in those individuals entrusted to their care. SENG’s mission is more vital than ever before. In these trying times, there is a need to foster in gifted individuals the mental health and social competence necessary for them to be free to choose ways to develop their abilities and talents fully. ” Arlene DeVries


NAGC – The 5,000 + members of NAGC work on behalf of these students, who represent a good portion of the “pipeline of talent.”  NAGC invests its resources to train teachers, encourage parents, and educate administrators and policy makers on how to develop and support gifted children. 


*I do not receive any commission from the links above. I do contribute blog posts to some of these links from time to time, but there is no affiliation or kick backs except for sharing my blog posts with their readers/followers.

** websites I submit blog posts to be featured and shared on their websites.



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