Homeschool Days

Welcome to the homeschooling section of Patchwork Poppies. This is where we will be sharing our homeschooling days with you. Right now my eldest is 3, so homeschooling isn’t structured. We are going with the flow of day to day curiosity. Some may call it, unschooling. This will most likely be a once a week post of an overview of our week.

My daughter is a very independent learner. She always has been. From the time she was 11 months, she would come up to me and say, “abc’s?” and point to the computer or our tablet. I would either show her youtube videos of colors, abc’s, number’s, animals, etc. or open up the flashcard apps on the device. I would also reinforce what she watched on her videos or electronic flash cards with everyday objects and colors around the house. I wanted her to understand that everything had a relationship and that what she learned through technology/device also applied to real life.

She has little interest in any type of structured learning. I quickly adapted to her style which is free flowing and creative. We do a lot of child lead freestyle art and learning here. Play doh, sketch pads, paint and painting paper, crayons, construction paper and glue are available to her when ever she wants to create. I let her get messy within context of she knows boundaries. No paint on walls and no paint on the floor. Keep it on paper only or the object at hand. So far she is pretty good and I’ve only found minimal paint out of bounds and I overlook it unless it was intentionally done.  Lego’s, puzzles and creative imaginative play are also available. When she asks a question, we are open to discussing, asking questions, using objects around the house to show cause and effect, and even incorporate technology, like google or youtube. So far it has been a fun ride.

An app I love to tell others about is, Starfall. My daughter loved the ABC mouse commercials and asked to try it. After several attempts, she didn’t care for it. It seemed to have too much fluff for her. After asking around, we came across a computer game close to ABC mouse but its much more condensed and it also comes as an app for the phone or tablet and is droid compatible. The app is called, Starfall.  So far she is learning how to read, and is already doing simple addition and subtraction. Its not all from the app but it reinforces what she is learning from daily interactions.


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