What’s your story?

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I’ve been stuck for a while on writing my next post. I’ve been stuck because I have swayed from my Vision. When I started Patchwork Poppies, I had a vision and it was not to advocate my story of gifted, my vision is to provide the world with YOUR story of Gifted. There’s power in numbers. I believe if we collectively contribute our story, change can and will happen.

I’m really excited at what endless possibilities can come of this! What we can accomplish together and help bring awareness. No two stories are ever going to be the same, but the more we speak of our differences, the more we’ll see we are similar in some ways. Not only that, but the more others will see what being gifted/neuro-atypical is really like.

When I participated in the GHF blog hop on gifted grownups, with, The Other gifted Adult, no one realized just how it was going to pan out. To all of our surprise, even though our stories vastly differed, we had so many commonalities, it blew us away. It was as if we had sat together beforehand and discussed how we would write it out. It was an eye opening moment for me to realize we are all going through our own walk, but as vast and different as it seems, we can all relate on some level.

Everyone has a story, but not everyone will write a book. The same goes with blogging. Not everyone has the time to contribute to blogging and not everyone wants to blog. Some people would like to tell their story and don’t know how. Some would like to stay anonymous and don’t know how to go about telling their story, putting themselves out there, while keeping their anonymity. Blogging is a lot of work, and almost a full time job, but granted, I enjoy it. So with this in mind,  I would like to use my website as a platform for you to share your story of Gifted, whether you stay anonymous or want your name to be known.

I want this to be a place where you can safely and effectively advocate to the world about Gifted. I want to use your story to ignite change and help advocate gifted!

Patchwork poppies name came to be when I envisioned people contributing their story to this site. It would become a quilt of sorts with everyone contributing their patch to this quilt. The word Poppies, came from the wikipedia definition of  “Tall Poppy Syndrome“.  I believe the more we tell our stories, the more people will understand. I also believe healing can come about through this process. I believe the more we share, the more we’ll realize we really are not alone in this walk of life.

So, I can’t do this alone. My one sided story is only one grain of sand in this vast sea. I believe, if we work together, we can move mountains.

Do you have a story? I’m sure you do! Everyone has a story! I’d like to hear yours and I’m sure my readers would as well! I’m excited to hear your story!!!

What can you write about? I’d like to hear your story of gifted/neuro-atypical. The good, the bad and the ugly… but not too ugly. Things you have struggled with in your community or family. What people don’t understand. Common misconceptions you’ve noticed., how do you feel about gifted or see it? The complexity of gifted. Positive outlooks? Possible advice for others? Books you swear by. Websites you love or the real life struggles you’ve been through… Etc… The possibilities and topics are endless… as long as one goal is in mind, advocacy of gifted/neuro-atypical community.

Here is an example of a couple posts on my blog on my experience of gifted, What is gifted? What does it look like? and why it matters… a mothers perspective.   … this post I wrote about growing up not knowing I was gifted/neuro-atypical… An Ugly Duckling

If you’d like to contribute your story as a blog post, please contact me below using the contact form. Tell me a little bit about yourself and the story you’d like to contribute. I’ll send you my guidelines and a template to help you write your story, then I hope to feature your story on Patchwork Poppies! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Lets stop this “Tall Poppy Syndrome” together. Lets embrace each other and help make this world a better place.

Spread the word! I challenge you to share this with everyone you know!

Tweet it! Share it on facebook and other social media! Use hashtags, #gifteded #gtchat #giftedadvocacy #2ekids #ghfblogger

With much love,

Nicole Diatto


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