{GHF BLOG HOP} Major Themes Related to My Research on Gifted/2E Kids and Bullying

Great post on bullying and gifted/2e kids by Pamela Price!

Red, White & Grew

As of this writing, I’ve finished the rough first draft of my second non-fiction book, the one on bullying and gifted/twice-exceptional (“2E”) kids due next year from GHF Press. There’s even an informal working title–complete with an Oxford commato keep my momentum going!

Coincidentlally, given that today there’s a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum blog hop dedicated to “Parenting OEs, 2Es, and Everything in Between,” it seems like a good time to share some of my broad, general thoughts on the topic of bullying and gifted kids. And I’m going to do that by sharing with you some of the recurring themes that I keep encountering.

(Before we begin,  if you’re curious about why gifted and 2E kids merit special consideration when we talk about bullying, please see here, herehere, and here.)

Major themes revealed in research into the intersection of gifted2E kids and bullying  Pamela Price for RedWhiteandGrewTheme: Bullying is relational aggression, too.

Bullying is a hot-button topic in…

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