Preaching to the Choir


I think most of us who decided to start advocating for our children regarding gifted, decided to do so because they felt the need to bring awareness to the world around them based on personal hardships and misunderstandings. I know this is true here. I felt a need to be heard, understood, and to broaden others understanding on the topic of gifted.

I know for myself, I wish that those around me understood me the most. For the past month, I have asked myself, is it worth advocating for gifted through a blog? I mean, really… the only ones who seem to read it are the very ones going through the same struggles. It’s as if we are vindicating our selves and just, preaching to the choir.

It can be discouraging when the very people you wish saw your heart, and where you are coming from, look past it, and make it about some competition or into something else, instead of truly caring. The ones you wish read your blog or truly heard you, instead,  let jealousy get in the way. I’d agree that family is the hardest to preach to when it comes to anything other than surface material, really.  I believe this is why some or many of us advocates feel deflated and dejected at times. I know a lot have felt this way from school systems but I also know there are a lot out there who feel this way from the very ones they are related to or are personally close with.

This very topic was brought up in a community group I belong to. I was so relieved to hear I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. It also brought a new perspective. As I read how others felt, I realized at that moment, I wouldn’t have the connections, groups, or community I have today; if I hadn’t started my blog and started preaching to the choir, in the first place. Even though I wish those close to me would embrace what I have to say or embrace us for who we are, I’ve come to accept that I need my community more than I need those close to me to truly understand the gifted subject.  As much as I hate or loathe seeing jealousy on some faces, I’ve come to a place in life where I know I can’t change their mind no matter how blue in the face I can get on the subject of gifted. If I can’t get through to them, at least I have my community and those in need of connecting who understand.

So, kudos to preaching to the choir!
Kudos to pushing boundaries and bringing awareness!
Also, thank you to those who have taken the time to read and embrace what we have to say.
Thank you for embracing each other and for helping make this world a better place.
Here is to a great community of individuals!

Cheers to a wonderful, 2015!

Lets stop this “Tall Poppy Syndrome” together. Lets embrace each other and help make this world a better place.

Spread the word!

I challenge you to share this with everyone you know!
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Use hashtags,

With much love,

Nicole Diatto




  1. Sometimes yes, I do believe we are preaching to the choir, but sometimes I find that others may put into words I have been wanting to say, but I am somehow unable to put into words myself. Time and time again I print out articles and blog posts that I relate to and when my daughter has a new teacher or principal that does not understand I share with them these articles and say in order to understand my daughter better here is something you can refer to and then if they have questions I can address them specifically to my daughter’s situation. So keep writing because even when you are preaching to the choir you are a voice to those who need one.

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